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"The trusted source for integration of healthcare." ~ Terris King, CEO

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UN Interventions | Terris King

The Global Coalition on Aging, the Japanese Mission to the UN, and UNDESA will host a series of interventions by senior-level representatives from GCOA members and partners and from UN Missions. These interventions will highlight the contributions and connections between the work of the private and public sectors and the advancement of the Sustainable Development Goals in the context of the Decade of Healthy Ageing. The interventions will build on Day 1 of the Silver Economy Forum: Aging for All Ages, looking at the growing Silver Economy through a multigenerational lens, focusing on the policy, market, and workplace innovations and opportunities for all ages that are shaping the Silver Economy today and in the future.

#FaithWorks: ‘EngAGE with Heart’ initiative seeks to combat heart disease in Baltimore

Baltimore leaders launched "EngAGE With Heart", a program to combat heart disease, the leading cause of death in the city. The program focuses on community involvement in health education, healthy eating, and preventive screenings. The initiative partners with churches, senior centers, and other organizations to provide resources and support to residents.

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Lake Nona Conference 2022

The Lake Nona Impact Forum is committed to leading the conversation for building the Wellbeing Ecosystem of the Future, by exploring the intersections of health, wellness, medical and scientific innovation and strategies to optimize human performance. Take a look at our Chief Executive Officer, Terris King and President, Bobby Baker as they have a candid conversation on Unlocking the Code to Health Equity and Innovation.

Faith Based Institutions and COVID-19

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, African American communities have faced disproportionate health challenges. Faith-based organizations, deeply rooted in these communities, have played a pivotal role in delivering healthcare services and addressing the pandemic's impact. This session delves into the effectiveness of faith-based models and introduces a scalable global model that can be adapted to diverse communities.

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