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Faith-Based Health and Wellness Intermediary

Reduce Cost. Improve Quality. Integrate Care 

Empowering Faith Communities to Connect with Trusted Healthcare Resources

Many faith communities face challenges in connecting their members with trusted healthcare providers. Our model reduces delays in getting needed care and creates a bridge to clarify misunderstandings about healthcare options and, improves trust in the healthcare system.


Leaders ask us to host town halls and workshops with their congregations, so they feel comfortable.


We speak with communities and actively listen to their concerns and experiences with the healthcare system.


We help these communities bridge to better health by addressing their issues of social determinants of health.

Connect your organization with trusted healthcare leaders

Aligning the interests by creating faith-based linked to Community Health Centers, Nursing Homes, and Hospitals, for the greater good.

Community Health Centers
We help close the health care trust gap at faith institutions. 
Nursing Homes
We support nursing homes in creating quality of care improvement efforts. 
Hospitals & Physicians
We partner with hospitals & physicians to create community connections.

Our internationally-recognized model is utilized across 26 states to connect communities with trusted healthcare providers. 

The Lukan Model

Named based on the teachings of Apostle Luke, the Lukan model is a faith-based model that:

  • Trains congregates in proven methods.  

  • Partners with faith-based organizations.

  • Engages with healthcare to improve quality of care, reduce cost and eliminate disparities.

Father and Daughter

The Lukan Model

Deeply rooted faith-based organizations play a pivotal role in delivering health care services and addressing the pandemic's impact.

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